Hair Extensions.

Here at Indigo we use premium quality Beauty Works 100% Remy human hair. Specifically engineered to provide the smallest Nano ring hair extension procedure, the Nano Bond is significantly smaller and less detectable than any other ring system. 

The extension application involves individual stands of hair being attached to your own hair using small micro ring beads. No heat, no glue, no damage!

Your service includes, shampooing and blow drying your hair, application of hair extensions, cutting in and styling of your extensions alongside aftercare advice.  


Full head application:

50g - £143 - 1.5 hours
100g - £260 - 2.5 hours
150g- £380 - 3.5 hours

Partial head application*:

25g - £70 - 1 hour

*A partial head application to add volume rather than length, the hair used isn’t Beauty Works but is sourced from a reputable supplier therefore this reflects a slight decrease in price. We can offer Beauty Works hair however there would be an increase to the above price, please ask for more details


We advise a maintenance appointment every 4-6 weeks to ensure the extensions are being cared for correctly and to prevent any matting or damage to your hair.

Your maintenance service includes shampooing, conditioning and blow drying of your hair. Removing any matting and checking the condition of your hair and extensions:

£30 - 1 hour

Rotation of Nano Tips.

Rotation of Nano tip extensions. Your stylist will advise when this will be carried out during your maintenance appointment. Your service includes removal of extensions, shampooing and blow drying of your hair. Re-applying extensions onto new hair with a new ring, cutting in of extensions and styling.

£80 - £100

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