Complaints & Feedback


Our priority is always for you to be completely satisfied with the services you receive from us. We will always do our best for all our guests. Complaints are rare but we take them very seriously, so we have a complaints policy and process which we follow to make sure that things are put right when needed and so we can learn from your feedback.

If you are not happy with the service you receive, please let a member of staff know either before you leave the salon, or as soon as possible once you have left. 

You can either call the salon or email us, we will listen to your feedback and ask any necessary questions to understand your complaint.

We ask that any complaints are made within 1 week of your service and we aim to resolve any complaints within 4 weeks. 

If you have already left the salon, do not go to another salon or stylist as we have the right to see exactly what the service or treatment you have received from us looks like. If you alter your service/treatment elsewhere, we will not be able to rectify any problems and will be unable to offer any sort of resolution. 

We will be unable to offer any resolutions without seeing you in person, to assess the service you received and understand your complaint.